Friday, May 5, 2017

Karl Jobst

Karl Jobst On the Far-Reaching Impact of Exceptional Leadership in Dentistry

Surely there has been plenty of discussion regarding the importance of establishing a wholly positive and pervasive culture in a dental practice, particularly since each patient usually deals with multiple staff members and assistants before even having the opportunity to meet with the dentist. This means that the team members that make up the dental office are often most responsible for shaping the first impression of each and every patient, which has an obvious effect on the practice’s reputation in the community as well as the perception of the overall treatment experience of the patient.

Dentists who are already capable leaders are most likely to be best equipped to cultivate a positive office culture that has an impact on every aspect of the practice. Of course, not all dentists are natural-born leaders, nor is it the case that a single leadership style is effective across all circumstances. Leadership is a skill all dentists must consistently work on, and I, Dr. Karl Jobst, have outlined several strategies for improving any dentist’s abilities as a leader and the resulting culture that is ultimately established because of the leadership within the dental practice.

The single-most important leadership quality is the ability to clearly and effectively communicate with both patients and staff members. In offices in which the lines of communication are open and clearly understood amongst all team members, it is simply more likely that a strong culture will be quickly established and turnover rates drastically reduced.

I also advocate for a hands-on approach during the hiring process to ensure that those potentially joining the staff are properly qualified for the open position and also have a comprehensive understanding of the expectations associated with their position upon joining the dental practice, thereby easing the transition for the new staff member and maintaining a consistently exceptional level of customer service.

Finally, it is essential for dentists to lead by example and to be aware that they must consistently practice what they preach. There is no quicker way for a dentist to undermine his or her authority than by setting a poor example or expecting team members to abide by a different set of rules than the dentist. Applying each of these leadership strategies will go a long way toward creating an exceptional office culture that ultimately ensures patients have access to a truly outstanding dental treatment experience.