Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Haven't Been Posting

It has been awhile since I've posted anything new, been busy. New content coming soon!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

8 Random Ways To Pay For School

I'm personally going through the struggle myself of paying for school and I've searched near and far for ways and here are some ways I've come across, some are obvious and some are unconventional.

1. Scholarships & Grants
The obvious idea is to look for scholarships and grants. They got scholarships for everything. You may not get everyone you apply for but it is totally worth it same with grants although I'm assuming most people will only try to get federal grants only.

2. Blogs
This one may not be thought of but blogging and videos. Some people make more money blogging than they do any kind of 9 to 5 job. So if you're a great writer or have something you think an audience would want to read about go for it. Don't give up however if you don't see immediate results of income it may take a while but if you can find a great niche to write about you can easily make a hefty income.

3. Youtube
Similar with blogs if you got something interesting to share with people video blog about it. You can potentially make 1000s of dollars a year by monetizing Youtube videos. Make sure the stuff you post on Youtube is 100% your content in order to make money of it.

4. Sex Sells
This is for those in desperate financial need or just have no issues with showing a little skin. If you got the body stripping can be an option. If you're REALLY comfortable you can go straight into the porn industry they have places for people of all bodies, sizes and age. If you're comfortable enough to strip but not comfortable enough to go into porn you can make money doing adult web cam shows. Pretty much anything sexual can be turned into a quick way to make money, you can make 100s sometimes even 1000s of dollars a week and do relatively short hours to get it.

5. Tutor
If you're good at a subject, especially math and science try tutoring either at your school or even through online tutoring websites. Not much you can make off of it but money is money.

6. Be An Extra In A Movie
If you're in a state that shoots movies or tv shows a lot or they happen to be shooting one near you, sign up to be an extra, they usually get around $50 a day for their work.

7. Sell Sperm/Plasma
Helps others and at the same time get paid for it. Be aware if you sell sperm you have to be ok with the idea of there being someone who is your child that you don't know running around in the world

8. McDonalds
You can get a job at McDonalds or some other fast food place. Yes, most people think working in fast food is the worst place to be (I would agree), when you need to pay for school, you sometimes got to swallow your pride and just live out the nightmare!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

An Artist You Might Not Know: Paul Cook & The Chronicles

A few weeks I discovered the life changing artist Paul Cook & The Chronicles. He's from London and he's an Indie/Alternative/Folk/Spacey-Sound/Ambient kind of artist. His song Candelight (You can buy it on iTunes here) touches my soul. It has this "middle of the night, lost my love but still want her and I'm at a motel wishing she'd come back to me" kind of feel. Highly suggest you look into him if you ever get the chance. The name of his album out now is Paul Cook & The Chronicles - Volume One.
Link to his Facebook page here
Link to his album on iTunes here
Link to his album on Amazon here
Link to his official website here

Pitch Perfect Movie

Lately I've been going to the movies like every week, sometimes twice a week. Last night I saw Pitch Perfect. If you liked Bridesmaids, it is like a college edition of that, just switch out the wedding concept with a glee club kind of concept. I thought the movie was hilarious, the standout was ironically Rebel Wilson, who was in Bridesmaids. I think she was given the lines that people will always be quoting in the future similar to how people always quote lines in Mean Girls.

My big concern with the movie was that since its a Gleeish kind of singing movie they'll do lame cover songs but it was some pretty legit singing in their. My two favorites were when they went all 90s hip-hop and did Blackstreet's No Diggity and they did a mashup of Price Tag by Jessie J.

I'll just keep it short and not reveal too much of what happens but good movie, definitely worth the watch and they even have a sweet, and I'm not a romantic kind of guy, romance that progresses through the film.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Q&A with Existence Games -- Creators of Exodus, The Trading Card Game

Q: How old are you now? When did you first create the trading card game and what was the inspiration for it?

A: There are only two of us here at Existence Games: a boy and a girl; a brother and sister team. We are currently ages 18 and 13, but we were only ages 17 and 12 when we seriously started working on the game. We first came up with the idea for this trading card game in September of 2011, and here we are, roughly a year later, promoting and selling our polished product.

We were inspired to create this game because of a number of things. The main reason was because we grew up (and are still growing up) playing trading card games that had too many complicated, unnecessary rules, and themes that were too dark to reconcile with our Christian faith. Additionally, it has been a dream of ours to create a real trading card game since we were about 4 years old!

Q: I personally love the designs of the cards, how did the inspiration for their design come about? Who designed them?

Monday, October 15, 2012

Sinister Movie

So the other day I saw Sinister at the movies and here is what I think of it. First I've seen a million scary movies and I knew what was going to happen in the end based on my scary movie experiences (I won't spoil it though for people who haven't seen it). Of course though when I go the movie I make funny side comments and the whole time as people were getting murdered and weird stuff was happening in the movie I was just stuck on the fact that Ethan Hawke was in the movie and much of a douche bag he was for cheating on Uma Thurman. However, I digress so the movie did admittedly have some scary moments and I'm not one to jump up at a movie but some of that stuff admittedly made my heart race. Overall it was a good movie but yet again like every scary movie if people would stop being so curious and trying to explore mysterious boxes or mysterious homes or something, then bad things wouldn't happen to them.

Friday, October 12, 2012

My College Journey

I love what I'm going to school for which is Web Development and I'm getting good grades in the classes but I can't help but have this nagging feeling like I'm not good enough for it or I won't be able to find a job. My boyfriend is going to school for hair and it is something he is so passionate about and he's always known he has wanted to do that. Me on the other hand, I always second guess myself in everything I do. I either don't choose a major because I worry about job outlooks for it ex. History and Film Studies. Its something that has too much math involved for my personal preference ex. Marketing, Business Administration. or think I don't have what it takes ex. Plastic Surgeon, Dentist I'm a future thinker and I just want to feel inside that I'll be happy with whatever decision I'll make and can afford two goals which is a decent home and to have kids. This may sound like  a depressive post and I don't mean for it to but it is just something I think about sometimes. We shall see and even if I am making mistake I plan to hustle my best to do something that is right for or turn lemons into lemonade.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Happy National Coming Out Day

Hopefully one day it will get to the point where coming out won't be celebrated and instead everyone is open and have no reason to hide who they are and there is something like a "National Open and Proud Day". Yeah I know, not the best wording lol

I Love The Show "What Would You Do?"

Oct 10th Reality Show Roundup

Well it is Wednesday, October 10th, 2012 and like usual Wednesday is my reality show tv round up. Tonight I saw a new episode of Survivor: Philippines and Mtv's The Challenge (guilty pleasure). I would also have watch my HUGE guilty pleasure ANTM but they moved it to Friday nights.

 So on Survivor: Philippines it was highly disappointing. Not a good episode whatsoever. Last weeks preview for this episode made it seem like the ever losing Matsing may win or if not that at least get second place on the challenge. However, of course they just had to lose yet again and yet again they tried to add some dramatic clips to the episode to fill the hour time slot. I wish some tribe would lose already other than Matsing. However I will say the most exciting part of the episode was the challenge itself to which I always find myself way too involved with competitive reality TV shows and yelling at the TV more than I do if watching sports.

 On The Challenge it was pretty good. Big fan of show but still wish they'd bring back more MUSIC on MTV and I definitely wouldn't be offended if they brought TRL back, with caution of course. Anyway I digress, so back to the episode. It had of course the dramatic "douche bag trying to start stuff" episode of the season and everything. With the challenge itself, yet again I acted with way too much excitement. To me my favorite highlight was the romance between Eric (Big Easy) and Devyn. If you were looking at them at first glance you'd never think they would go together but I'm happy they did and I hope they work out.

Overall my reality show experience tonight was average. Survivor was just blah and the Challenge was pretty decent so they cancel each other out to make just an average night. Ready for next Wednesday!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Updating My Blog

Making my own custom blog and header so you'll see some changes very soon so bare with anything that looks different or may not be working!

Just An Inspiring Song For The Day

If anyone knows how to emit motion through their voice its Mary J Blige. This song is an inspiring song from the movie "The Help". Something good if you feel you've reached the bottom.

How To: Make It Through College

As a college student I know from first hand experience how it is living in the college world I've done time at a 4 year college and I've done time at a 2 year college. So I can tell some tips, some are more obvious than others, on how to make it through college as stress free as possible.

1. Community College VS 4 Year University
While I don't suggest everyone do this, some people are meant to go to community college instead of a 4 year university. They're not beneath anyone with a 4 year education it just makes more sense for them to do so. So a big one is, don't waist your time if you don't feel the whole 4 year vibe. For some people, financially they're content with less or in some cases, no loans from a 2 year college.

2.  Organization
Be organized. Nothing is worse than having a huge paper due and you realize you didn't do it because you forgot. Luckily in my case I had two classes where I had similar topics to write about so I just took the paper I did for one class changed a couple things and turned it in to another one, not recommended though. So even if it is just a dollar store planner, or in some cases the school will give students free planners, utilize it, it makes your life 10x easier when you plan out things.

3. Find What You Want To Do
Talk to your counselor or advisor and do research on different careers you want. I know many many people who go to school, some who are in their final semester and realize they're doing something they don't want to do and change their major. Try to pin down after the first year of college what you're going to do so you don't end up racking up debt and loans.

4. Financial Aid
This one is a given but of course financial aid. Never give up on trying to find scholarships they're always out there. I know it may take a lot of work but in the end would you rather spend hours applying for scholarships or years paying off debt? Try to get federal work study. I got it both at a four year university although at community college I got more hours and higher pay from it. Side note, you can look into Obama's Student Loan Forgiveness and what that is. If you're not good with essays and the scholarships require them, use your campus writing center, many have them and that is what they're there for is to help you.

5. Fun Is Good
It is perfectly normal for you to want to have fun while in college, that is one of the things that comes with the experience. Of course make sure you get your work done but doing nothing but homework and things pertaining to school can be monotonous, go join a club or group, volunteer, workout; something to get your mind off of the stress you may be having. Even if you wanted, in a lot of colleges they have stress management classes, I know one where they actually make the students go out and get a massage.

6. Your Professor Is Your Best Friend
One thing that is highly helpful in not only making i through college but post college is being on your professors good side and making yourself known to them. Not only do you form a positive relationships, you can find yourself networking with them to help find you a job in your major. Most likely if someone is taking a business class, that professor knows people in business and they can help you get a job or internship. Same with advisors, they're sometimes miracle workers in what they do to help students.

Those are just six of several ways you can survive college!

Monday, October 8, 2012

I Like Him He Doesn't Like Me

Question from Valerie of Dallas, Texas:
I really really like this guy and I thought he liked me but one day I had made fun of his current girlfriend out of jealousy and ever since he's stopped talking to me. He deleted me off facebook, skype, twitter and won't respond to my texts, what should I do?

My Advice: I think you're better of letting him go. Yes I know it is one of those "easier said than done" kind of things bu it is for your better well being. I tell this to people all the time "Never cry over someone who wouldn't do the same for you". If he even felt the slightest bit the same way you feel about him he would've responded to you some how some way and not let something that tiny bother him or, for the matter, hurt you. So if he wants to talk to you then he can do it but you don't need to beg him to talk to you. There are plenty of other people who can make you happy and are meant for you to be with. I'm not fully in your business but it seems even if he did come around I hope you don't go any further than friends because whose to say, if you get in a relationship in the future, history won't repeat itself and he won't ignore you over something trivial like this again? Just my opinion.

Changing My Blog Purpose

I've always wanted to write a blog but never knew what truly interested me then it dawned on me as I was giving advice to my friend again. Why not give advice on things? As of now I'm taking questions on anything you want pertaining to relationships and life, finance anything that can help other human beings and I'll write the advice I would give. I'll do this probably until I can narrow my blog to what I think I'd be best at writing about.