Thursday, October 18, 2012

Pitch Perfect Movie

Lately I've been going to the movies like every week, sometimes twice a week. Last night I saw Pitch Perfect. If you liked Bridesmaids, it is like a college edition of that, just switch out the wedding concept with a glee club kind of concept. I thought the movie was hilarious, the standout was ironically Rebel Wilson, who was in Bridesmaids. I think she was given the lines that people will always be quoting in the future similar to how people always quote lines in Mean Girls.

My big concern with the movie was that since its a Gleeish kind of singing movie they'll do lame cover songs but it was some pretty legit singing in their. My two favorites were when they went all 90s hip-hop and did Blackstreet's No Diggity and they did a mashup of Price Tag by Jessie J.

I'll just keep it short and not reveal too much of what happens but good movie, definitely worth the watch and they even have a sweet, and I'm not a romantic kind of guy, romance that progresses through the film.

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