Thursday, October 11, 2012

Oct 10th Reality Show Roundup

Well it is Wednesday, October 10th, 2012 and like usual Wednesday is my reality show tv round up. Tonight I saw a new episode of Survivor: Philippines and Mtv's The Challenge (guilty pleasure). I would also have watch my HUGE guilty pleasure ANTM but they moved it to Friday nights.

 So on Survivor: Philippines it was highly disappointing. Not a good episode whatsoever. Last weeks preview for this episode made it seem like the ever losing Matsing may win or if not that at least get second place on the challenge. However, of course they just had to lose yet again and yet again they tried to add some dramatic clips to the episode to fill the hour time slot. I wish some tribe would lose already other than Matsing. However I will say the most exciting part of the episode was the challenge itself to which I always find myself way too involved with competitive reality TV shows and yelling at the TV more than I do if watching sports.

 On The Challenge it was pretty good. Big fan of show but still wish they'd bring back more MUSIC on MTV and I definitely wouldn't be offended if they brought TRL back, with caution of course. Anyway I digress, so back to the episode. It had of course the dramatic "douche bag trying to start stuff" episode of the season and everything. With the challenge itself, yet again I acted with way too much excitement. To me my favorite highlight was the romance between Eric (Big Easy) and Devyn. If you were looking at them at first glance you'd never think they would go together but I'm happy they did and I hope they work out.

Overall my reality show experience tonight was average. Survivor was just blah and the Challenge was pretty decent so they cancel each other out to make just an average night. Ready for next Wednesday!

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