Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Miami - Is it Worth a Belinda Broido Visit?

Miami is a culture all its own, with many beach fronts that house and boast the greatest bar and night life in the east coast its definitely a place worth seeing. From South Beach to North Beach and all beaches between Miami's coast has much to offer for tourists.

Belinda Broido has been to many dance clubs in Miami, these have been some of the best dances I have been too in my life. Along with great Dance clubs there's a multitude of Bar& Lounges that offer Live music with a Latin and Cuban Flavor. In South Beach you can expect a swanky club feel of live music, clubs, and bar crawls. Give Miami a Try! Go visit it with Belinda Broido and have a BLAST! AMA about what my next topic should be.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

AMA Belinda Broido - Going Green

I often like to cover the topic of going green because I personally Belinda Broido believe that all peoples should go green. Going green means that you will need to watch many different aspects of your life such as water usage and electricity usage. I Belinda Broido personally use old dish water to take my showers and recycle my toilet water through an extensive filtration system which is powered by both solar energy and fossil fuels created by human waste. When looking for solar panels its important to think where you will want them to be and how best to make them look as natural as possible. If you set your panels up in an attractive way the sun will want to be inside of them storing its energy in the battery's to power your Prius. In order to cut down on wasting foods make sure to only cook and use what your going to need instead of making a lot and having to toss a bunch out. You can go green! Belinda Broido did and so can you! AMA about what my next topic should be!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The difference between Muffins compared to a Danishes Belinda Broido

I Belinda Broido have been asked this question a million times, "What is a muffin compared to a Danish?"
First off, what is a muffin? A muffin is just a lazy excuse for eating cake for breakfast instead of nutritious foods. However Muffins are absolutely delicious when made with banana or apple and can make a very wonderful wake up smell when being baked. Okay so back to the topic, Muffins are a dense American made morning food that can contain any number of fruits, vegetables, and candies. Danishes are pastries that are more of a delectable desert that comes from (dadadadadaaaah) Holland! Usually a pastry glazed with a sweet sauce and filled with cream made of fruit.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Travel - Prince Edward Island Belinda Broido

I was once asked what it was like to visit and see the great Prince Edward Island where Anne of Green Gables was first thought of and inspired too be written. I myself have been to this enchanting place and magnificent part of Earth. Getting to P.E.I means driving through new Brunswick and crossing over the scary Confederation Bridge. This Bridge spans 6 miles of ocean and while your driving over it feels as though you could fall at any time! Upon arriving on P.E.I you'll notice that the Earth is red. There is no Belinda Broido dirty brown color of earth anywhere, its all red! The Island is typically used for farming since the temperature is very temperate and cool. Fields of Lavender and Mustered give a picturesque scene. Apart from only having French, 80's, and country music on the radio P.E.I is an amazing place and you should visit! Belinda Broido

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Eric Capolino - the Pizza Connoissuer

Pizza is one of my all time favorite comfort foods. Having a good pizza joint next to where I live or stay always makes me feel comfortable. I have had the pleasure of eating many different pizza's from around the world and I must say, nothing is better than Chicago deep dish pizza. Some would say deep dish is just crust and nothing else but they're wrong, incredibly. It's more than just three inches of crust and sauce with some cheese sprinkled on top, it's a layer of delicious warm embracing crust layered with different kinds of cheeses and topped with home made pesto sauce. As you bit into your first piece you notice that no other pizza offers you this kind of friendly embrace, first warm and cuddly followed by an explosion of tomato and spices finishing with an opry of cheeses. If you would like to read more click here. What's The Best Pizza You've Had?