Wednesday, October 22, 2014

AMA Belinda Broido - Going Green

I often like to cover the topic of going green because I personally Belinda Broido believe that all peoples should go green. Going green means that you will need to watch many different aspects of your life such as water usage and electricity usage. I Belinda Broido personally use old dish water to take my showers and recycle my toilet water through an extensive filtration system which is powered by both solar energy and fossil fuels created by human waste. When looking for solar panels its important to think where you will want them to be and how best to make them look as natural as possible. If you set your panels up in an attractive way the sun will want to be inside of them storing its energy in the battery's to power your Prius. In order to cut down on wasting foods make sure to only cook and use what your going to need instead of making a lot and having to toss a bunch out. You can go green! Belinda Broido did and so can you! AMA about what my next topic should be!

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