Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Travel - Prince Edward Island Belinda Broido

I was once asked what it was like to visit and see the great Prince Edward Island where Anne of Green Gables was first thought of and inspired too be written. I myself have been to this enchanting place and magnificent part of Earth. Getting to P.E.I means driving through new Brunswick and crossing over the scary Confederation Bridge. This Bridge spans 6 miles of ocean and while your driving over it feels as though you could fall at any time! Upon arriving on P.E.I you'll notice that the Earth is red. There is no Belinda Broido dirty brown color of earth anywhere, its all red! The Island is typically used for farming since the temperature is very temperate and cool. Fields of Lavender and Mustered give a picturesque scene. Apart from only having French, 80's, and country music on the radio P.E.I is an amazing place and you should visit! Belinda Broido

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