Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Q&A with Existence Games -- Creators of Exodus, The Trading Card Game

Q: How old are you now? When did you first create the trading card game and what was the inspiration for it?

A: There are only two of us here at Existence Games: a boy and a girl; a brother and sister team. We are currently ages 18 and 13, but we were only ages 17 and 12 when we seriously started working on the game. We first came up with the idea for this trading card game in September of 2011, and here we are, roughly a year later, promoting and selling our polished product.

We were inspired to create this game because of a number of things. The main reason was because we grew up (and are still growing up) playing trading card games that had too many complicated, unnecessary rules, and themes that were too dark to reconcile with our Christian faith. Additionally, it has been a dream of ours to create a real trading card game since we were about 4 years old!

Q: I personally love the designs of the cards, how did the inspiration for their design come about? Who designed them?

A: Thank you for the compliment! The card design was truly a team effort between us and our artists. While it may sound funny, we made it a goal from the beginning to never have a single ugly-looking card in our game, and made sure the game would continually focus on the extraordinary artwork on each card.

While we had a different graphic artist create the card frame, Roy Ugang exclusively illustrated the artwork for the first set of Exodus. The layout of the card’s frame was conceived after deciding that there would be “full-art” on every single card. Other games only have a small number of cards where the artwork covers most of the card and so we thought, “Why not make all of them like that from the start? It is a fantasy game, isn’t it?”

Q: Are the cards only available in the U.S.? If so, do you plan on going international anytime soon?

A: No, the cards are available worldwide on our website: www.exodus-cards.com. However, if anyone is looking for them in stores, they are currently only stocked in local stores near where we live in California. We hope to be working alongside nation-wide distributors to stock the game in stores everywhere in the future, but we’re not there yet.

Q: What do you feel really sets your trading card game apart from any other ones out there?

A: We’re glad you asked! Some people are immediately turned off once they hear “trading card game,” because the games already out there are all they know. We’re here to re-educate everyone on what a trading card game really is, because Exodus is innovative for the genre.

Exodus The Trading Card Game appeals to kids, teens, and adults of all ages, not just a small niche of gamers. We’ve already seen kids as young as the age of 5 playing the game on a daily basis. With that said, we don’t have any demonic themes behind the creatures or storyline, as we want parents to feel safe letting their kids get into it. On the flip side, we have hardcore gamers in their 20s – 40s playing the game every week at their local HobbyTown USA!

The game is unbelievably easy-to-learn and you don’t have to break the bank just to make a good deck. We’ve designed the game in a way where when it comes time to release an expansion with more cards, the new cards will only add to the game in a positive way rather than take away from the old cards. In other words, cards from this first set will still be good, competitive even, long after new decks and sets are added. Booster packs with new cards will greatly enhance the game and bring new strategies to the table, but they won’t overpower old cards like in the game of Magic: the Gathering, for example. In fact, booster packs aren’t even out yet, so if you buy a deck, you’ll have an instant collection of some of the best cards!

Q: Do you have a Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr etc fanpage, the readers can follow you on?

A: Yes, we have an active Facebook page where readers can follow us and receive updates: www.facebook.com/ExodusCardGame. Readers, please “like” the game both on our website (www.exodus-cards.com) and the Facebook page as they are completely separate. This helps us to get more exposure.

Q: How long did it take you all to go from the development phase to the final finished product?

A: From September 2011 to May 2012. The game was actually finished during the early part of 2012 after intense playtesting and fine-tuning; much of the time after that was spent getting the artist to finish the artwork, waiting on the copyright and trademark registrations, and the first print-run of 200 starter decks. We hosted a private Pre-Release Party for the card game in May where its reception was met with huge success. We officially released the game to the public the following month.

Q: Are you running through an indie gaming company or through your own selves?

A: Exodus, The Trading Card Game is published under our own label, Existence Games, a brand-new company which we own and operate ourselves.

Q: There are playing card games like Pokemon and Yu.Gi.Oh and they're based on television series'. You may have not base your cards on a television series but do you ever have aspirations or thoughts about getting your trading card game into the television world as well?

A: You’re correct in that we did not base our card game on a television series, but we would love for a television series to be made in the future. We are open to working with others who are interested in collaborating on any project based on Exodus, whether it is a T.V. show or an online game, or anything else. If you’re interested in working with Existence Games to bring this magical world to a new venue, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Q: Speaking of television, any other media you find yourself interested in as part of franchising your card game? Maybe a movie about the game?

A: Well, as we said earlier, we’d like to see an online version of the game eventually become available. We designed and built Exodus’ website from scratch (web design is another hobby of ours), but video game programming is a bit beyond us. It’s really all a matter of connecting with the right people. This game is our passion and our career, and we’re super excited to take it to as many avenues as possible!

Q: Do you all have any big events, announcements or news coming up with your trading card game that people would be interested in?

A: It is only October, but we are going to release a HUGE storyline extension to the initial release set, Birth of Creation, within the next couple of weeks. Birth of Creation follows the creation of the world of Exodus and how the fictional, magical universe came-to-be. It will also explain more about the role the players play and how they can get more involved through the storyline. The world is about to get a lot bigger. Keep an eye open for that on our website by the end of the month!

Q: Any final words you want people to know about your trading card game?

A: First, we’d like to thank you for this awesome Q&A session and for inviting us to be guests on your blog! To all of the wonderful readers, we hope you find Exodus innovative and we encourage you to visit our official website to learn more about the game.

If anyone has any questions or comments, feel free to drop us a message on our Facebook page or through the “Contact Us” form on our website. Remember, we’re not some huge corporate company that’s just in it for the money. We’re real people with a passion for this new game, and we’re happy to address any questions you may have!

If anyone is wondering how they can support us kids by furthering the trading card game, you can buy some cards directly from us. There are currently two different Starter Decks available for the game: one that is all about dragons, and the other all about angels! All of the money we make is cycled right back into the game for future expansions, new cards, and great additions.

In addition to buying decks, you can also buy beautiful playmats! We’ve taken elements from different cards in the game and blended the images into a breathtaking 24” x 14” game mat. Decks are available on www.exodus-cards.com for $19.99 and playmats for $24.99.

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