Tuesday, October 9, 2012

How To: Make It Through College

As a college student I know from first hand experience how it is living in the college world I've done time at a 4 year college and I've done time at a 2 year college. So I can tell some tips, some are more obvious than others, on how to make it through college as stress free as possible.

1. Community College VS 4 Year University
While I don't suggest everyone do this, some people are meant to go to community college instead of a 4 year university. They're not beneath anyone with a 4 year education it just makes more sense for them to do so. So a big one is, don't waist your time if you don't feel the whole 4 year vibe. For some people, financially they're content with less or in some cases, no loans from a 2 year college.

2.  Organization
Be organized. Nothing is worse than having a huge paper due and you realize you didn't do it because you forgot. Luckily in my case I had two classes where I had similar topics to write about so I just took the paper I did for one class changed a couple things and turned it in to another one, not recommended though. So even if it is just a dollar store planner, or in some cases the school will give students free planners, utilize it, it makes your life 10x easier when you plan out things.

3. Find What You Want To Do
Talk to your counselor or advisor and do research on different careers you want. I know many many people who go to school, some who are in their final semester and realize they're doing something they don't want to do and change their major. Try to pin down after the first year of college what you're going to do so you don't end up racking up debt and loans.

4. Financial Aid
This one is a given but of course financial aid. Never give up on trying to find scholarships they're always out there. I know it may take a lot of work but in the end would you rather spend hours applying for scholarships or years paying off debt? Try to get federal work study. I got it both at a four year university although at community college I got more hours and higher pay from it. Side note, you can look into Obama's Student Loan Forgiveness and what that is. If you're not good with essays and the scholarships require them, use your campus writing center, many have them and that is what they're there for is to help you.

5. Fun Is Good
It is perfectly normal for you to want to have fun while in college, that is one of the things that comes with the experience. Of course make sure you get your work done but doing nothing but homework and things pertaining to school can be monotonous, go join a club or group, volunteer, workout; something to get your mind off of the stress you may be having. Even if you wanted, in a lot of colleges they have stress management classes, I know one where they actually make the students go out and get a massage.

6. Your Professor Is Your Best Friend
One thing that is highly helpful in not only making i through college but post college is being on your professors good side and making yourself known to them. Not only do you form a positive relationships, you can find yourself networking with them to help find you a job in your major. Most likely if someone is taking a business class, that professor knows people in business and they can help you get a job or internship. Same with advisors, they're sometimes miracle workers in what they do to help students.

Those are just six of several ways you can survive college!

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