Saturday, October 20, 2012

8 Random Ways To Pay For School

I'm personally going through the struggle myself of paying for school and I've searched near and far for ways and here are some ways I've come across, some are obvious and some are unconventional.

1. Scholarships & Grants
The obvious idea is to look for scholarships and grants. They got scholarships for everything. You may not get everyone you apply for but it is totally worth it same with grants although I'm assuming most people will only try to get federal grants only.

2. Blogs
This one may not be thought of but blogging and videos. Some people make more money blogging than they do any kind of 9 to 5 job. So if you're a great writer or have something you think an audience would want to read about go for it. Don't give up however if you don't see immediate results of income it may take a while but if you can find a great niche to write about you can easily make a hefty income.

3. Youtube
Similar with blogs if you got something interesting to share with people video blog about it. You can potentially make 1000s of dollars a year by monetizing Youtube videos. Make sure the stuff you post on Youtube is 100% your content in order to make money of it.

4. Sex Sells
This is for those in desperate financial need or just have no issues with showing a little skin. If you got the body stripping can be an option. If you're REALLY comfortable you can go straight into the porn industry they have places for people of all bodies, sizes and age. If you're comfortable enough to strip but not comfortable enough to go into porn you can make money doing adult web cam shows. Pretty much anything sexual can be turned into a quick way to make money, you can make 100s sometimes even 1000s of dollars a week and do relatively short hours to get it.

5. Tutor
If you're good at a subject, especially math and science try tutoring either at your school or even through online tutoring websites. Not much you can make off of it but money is money.

6. Be An Extra In A Movie
If you're in a state that shoots movies or tv shows a lot or they happen to be shooting one near you, sign up to be an extra, they usually get around $50 a day for their work.

7. Sell Sperm/Plasma
Helps others and at the same time get paid for it. Be aware if you sell sperm you have to be ok with the idea of there being someone who is your child that you don't know running around in the world

8. McDonalds
You can get a job at McDonalds or some other fast food place. Yes, most people think working in fast food is the worst place to be (I would agree), when you need to pay for school, you sometimes got to swallow your pride and just live out the nightmare!

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