Monday, April 15, 2013

I'm Back!: Dating Advice

So I took my hiatus and now I'm back and for my first blog coming back I'm going to answer a question I received from someone, who, because they want to be anonymous will be referred to as Emily. Emily asked this question.
"I had a relationship with this guy over a year ago. I was not allowed to date at that point and I ended up going through a  tumultuous with my parents and had a severed relationship because of that. He did me dirty several times but I'm having trouble getting over him. What should I do?" I want an unbiased opinion."

If I were Emily, this is what I'd do. First I'd cut off all contact with him. If a person does you dirty several times, although I don't know the full extent to which he did so, that is not a person you'd want in our life. Then if I we're you I'd work on the relationship with my parents. I don't know how old you were when you dated him or even how old he was but if it was an appropriate age I don't see the problem and you should talk to your parents about you not being so sheltered because when you finally are able to date, you don't want to have a moment where you're out on your own dating and don't know how to handle it because you weren't allowed to date when you we're younger. Then after that is done if I found myself able to finally date freely I'd take a break from dating until I knew I was fully over this former flame I loved, I resolved any conflicts with my parents and I was happy with myself. That last point is most important because if you're not happy with yourself, you won't be happy with whoever you date in the future. I'm assuming you're fairly young, just live life and make yourself happy and don't worry about some guy who never treated your right in the first place. Hope this helped and made sense.

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