Tuesday, September 18, 2012

How To: Find A (Legitimate) Work From Home Job

There are plenty of work from home jobs out in the world, believe it or not and there are definitely plenty of phonies as well. Here are ways to find some if your truly interested. Many work from home jobs require a PC (rare to find one that accepts MAC or laptops of any kind but they are out there) and for you to get a separate phone line dedicated to work. Never give away private information and while there are some legitimate WFH jobs that make you a background check fee if your not 100% sure just move one and don't even bother with the job.

Craigslist: BEWARE, indeed you can find some work from home jobs here but there are also tons of phonies so be aware.

WAHM(Work From Home Moms): Yes the title suggests its just for mom's but they offer weekly updates of different work from home jobs. Most of them are pretty legitimate but in the same, always check to be sure.

Convergys: A proven legitimate website. Convergy's hires well qualified work from home agents. Must do the job from a PC.

Asurion: Like Convergys hires well qualified work from agents to handle customer insurance claims.

Elance: If you have a talent that can be done freelance such as writing, designing, programming etc then this is the place for you.

Arise: Same deal as pretty much Asurion and Convergys

Alpine Access : Though it is a legitimate job, out of many of these work from home job opportunities it seems this one has one of the lowest employee satisfaction ratings and overall experiences with working from home with them.

LiveOps: An independent contractor work from home job.

Tutor.com: This is good for those who are really good in math in science, other subjects have opportunities in them but those two are the big ones

Apple Work From Home: Its through apple so it is definitely a trustworthy job, offered as an actual full time and part time work from home agent and university agents (specific universities however). Definitely good to look into.


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