Sunday, November 4, 2012

Online VS Traditional Schooling

In a continuously technological world we find ourselves reevaluating what we believe to be the best or in some cases easier method of doing things. One thing that technology has given us the option to do is online schooling; teachings and courses taught mostly or entirely online.

Lets face it, we're in the computer era, so why not take advantage of and push for online schooling as the new normal instead of traditional brick and mortar schooling? There are numerous ways one can benefit from such an education.

According to US News in a 2011 article: (Full Article Here )
"Sixty-seven percent of academic professionals rated online education courses as the same or superior to face-to-face instruction."
With online education a degree of flexibility is given to those who are working, or have families. Often it is that loss of flexibility is why people can't attend school in the first place because they don't have the time for it. Some people learn differently, with online learning they can be taught and work at there own pace.
"The reality of American education is often quite different. Beige classrooms are filled with note-passers and texters, who casually ignore teachers struggling to make it to the end of the 50-minute period."
writes Katherine Mangu-Ward of Reason magazine in a 2010 article about traditional vs online learning. (Full Article Here)

The perks are limitless, why settle for traditional, when we can go above and beyond and reach new heights in education students. We have the tools to educate the masses with online learning so what is stopping us from embracing the tools we've been given. As a person who has taken online classes before and will most likely take more in the future I'm all for the idea of online schooling.