Thursday, December 13, 2012

"Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors" Album Review

I won't claim to be some music critic or be the king of all things music but I like an eclectic taste in music, a little of everything, so I try to give non genre biased opinions of music. Anyway,I was doing my usual weekly iTunes listening where I go through a bunch of the newly released songs and albums and I cam across Big Boi's album 'Vivacious Lies and Dangerous Rumors' and I just had to write about it.

This album is good from start to finish and this is coming from a guy who RARELY buys a full album and only likes a song or two. It has this cool funk-hip-hop-rap-indie-ambient-electronic feel to it that combines this older music meets modern music feel to it. Some of the highlights, in my opinion are 'The Thickets' 'Mama Told Me' and 'Tremendous Damage'.

'The Thickets' is pretty much your everyday rap song about pretty much money, how he's better than other rappers and how he is the best thing since sliced bread. Usually I would say to myself "Here we go with another rapper who thinks he's that true sh!t" but in this sense I'll cater to the ego portrayed in this song because he definitely impresses.

'Mama Told Me' has this electronic, 80s sound to it. It features Kelly Rowland. In sort of a weird way she is the queen of being featured on other peoples songs and manages to outshine Big Boi slightly in the song I feel. Don't get it twisted though Big Boi definitely delivers and one of my favorite lines in the song is "Cause I make major art like Beethoven, Van Gogh, or Mozart so don’t start around these parts we reign supreme".

In one of the deeper more personal songs on the album is 'Tremendous Danger' featuring Bosko. The songs opens with the hook "...People telling me be strong like a soldier but I suffer tremendous damage just make it fade away just let it fade away just make it fade away I suffer tremendous damage." Just a foreshadowing of the overall deep song. A simple beat so as not to distract from amazing lyrics.

Overall this album is a good listen I highly recommend you buy this album or take a listen. On a side note thanks to any readers who bare with me and my lack of posting content lately. I'm working on it!

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