Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Gun Laws or Mental Health? What Is The Problem?

In recent times it can be said that gun control has turned into a hot button political issue. I've always said this has been an issue for years, yet little gets done about it, which is another rant for another day. However another issue that is appearing along with gun control is mental health in order to prevent events such as Sandy Hook, or the Dark Knight movie theater events from happening again. Before I get into everything I will be the first to say I don't deeply know all the gun laws or anything but this just me rattling off solutions.

First things first, I personally feel that there is no needs for guns in the U.S. unless you are in the military or under extreme circumstances and special cases. However, the entire United States doesn't revolve around me and my ideas so I do believe if people feel that passionately about keeping their guns, go ahead but I do feel it should be a compromise.

Something I've always said is "Why can't we require mental health tests every 3 months or so for those with gun licenses?" To me that seems like a first step kind of thing to do. If someone doesn't seem in the right state of mind they can have their licensed revoked and their guns taken away immediately by the police. Simple idea, can be complex to implement but it is a start.

Another issue I have and feel that can be resolved is why not have it so certain guns can't be purchased anymore? Honestly though, the weapons in which some of these people are using to kill innocent people shouldn't be made available for anyone. I believe you can go get a rifle if you want with little restrictions. Unless you're a hunter and that is your only means of living or doing it for sport (which should be regulated if you're going to to do that), why not restrict it for those who can prove that it is their job as an everyday living and they may be allowed to posses them.

Now I know gun control is not the one and only solution to all of these shootings. Mental health is another one I agree with. You always here in stories how people were warned ahead of time that a person is mentally unstable and some actions should be taken yet no one does or sometimes can do anything about it?
Why are we more strict on such topics like Marijuana and take all sorts of actions against that but something as serious as the mental health and stability of people is swept under the rug?

Again I say I am no gun expert of any sort and some of the suggestions I've made could already be in affect. I'm just throwing out ideas because I'm tired of going on the news and everyday someone(s) is being murdered senselessly. Yes the argument, "well taking away guns won't stop people from getting them anyway" can be made but still an effort is needed to be made. If you have an opinion, or comment please comment I'm genuinely interested in both sides of the argument and to learn more about this topic for future reference and so I can have a stronger opinion on it.

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