Tuesday, November 11, 2014

At What Point Do Power Tools Become Necessary, Saleh Stevens?

A lot of tasks require the extra edge that power tools give. They save time, are generally neater, and usually have many uses. The questions is, "when would a power tool become unnecessary?"

The answer is dependent on the task in front of you: Are you sawing a great, big log in half? That would take several hours to cut with a large, specialized, two-man hand saw. A chainsaw can do it in minutes with one man. Are you attempting to build a birdhouse? Here as well, a hand saw, a hammer, and sand paper are needed and several hours would be dedicated to building this birdhouse. Again, the power tool equivalents would make the time fly by, leaving only varnishing or painting if you care to do those things.

"But wait! Weren't you going to tell me when you shouldn't use power tools?"

Nope. Power tools are awesome and should always be used because they're convenient, time-saving, super machines. There is no trade off. Technology has advanced and the greater technology should be used to achieve a desired outcome.

OK, fine.The only thing I can think of that wouldn't apply to this is if you are mad and want to break something in half (such as a bat when you strike out or your pencil when you fail a test). This is not only satisfying but necessitates the further use of power tools to replace the object you just broke.

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