Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Saleh Stevens Air Circulation Considerations

Air circulation is absolutely vital in an effort to keep cool during the summer. Something that is often overlooked is the need to air movement over your skin. When you skin has air moving across it, your skin feels noticeably cooler. This principal is what a "swamp cooler" uses to keep your home feeling cooler.

What is a swamp cooler?

A swamp cooler is nothing more than humid air being forced into your home. There is no actual "cooling" happening, just the feeling that water does to your skin. Without the water a swamp cooler would still feel cool, but the moist air is what makes the biggest difference.

What about a fan?

Fans are great ways to move the air around your home and keep you cool in the process! Whether you have a ceiling fan, a box fan, or a fan that rotates, the principal of circulation still works the same.

If you're looking to stay cool in the summer while keeping your electricity bill down, try turning up the A/C and turning on a fan!

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