Monday, January 7, 2013

Workout Buddy X: Day 1

Well it is a new year and I'm ready for a new start. One of my goals is to tone my body, last year I managed to go from 235 to 183/185 pounds (I fluctuate up and down two pounds usually) and now for 2013 my goal is to tone up and get to a nice 170/173 range. So today I started the Workout Buddy X 30 day program and to see what it does for me.

First a little about Workout Buddy X, directly from the website WBX describes its program as:
"...the first and only online service that fully integrates technology, science, support, social media, tracking with personal training. We call it the 3 T's and 3 S's. The result is a revolutionary fitness platform that delivers highly effective, interactive, and socially rewarding weight loss experience!  In reality, losing weight is hard, especially if you are going it alone.  This is why we go a few steps beyond in every aspect to provide the most effective, and "ACHIEVABLE" weight loss solution for people of ALL FITNESS LEVELS."
Definitely a good program for people like me who are not trying to get some Billy Blanks ripped body. Tough workout for sure but it won't make you pass out after like 5 minutes like P90X for example when you're not in the greatest of shape. I will say though, if your goal is to get to something more intense like P90X or maybe the Insanity workout and be just huge and beefy, this is a good start point to build up to that.

So for my first day of doing this my WBX calender gave me the workout 'Total Body Interval' to do. I know I got a good workout in because I was annoyed with the perkiness of the person in the video by the end of it, meaning... 'I'm so exhausted after the workout I hate when people are happy'.  Worst exercise I had to do was the superman stretches because my body just doesn't bend like that...yet at least. What really caught me off guard is that I did the first part of the exercise and said to myself 'Wow this easy' but then I realized there were 5 other parts and by the 3rd part I was so tired. So day 1, was a bit of a struggle but in the same I did good for starting out doing workouts between levels 2 and 3 (level 1 is beginner as a reference). Definitely a good workout to get my muscles moving and can't wait to see how I do in the end. Stay around for the next exciting installment of my 30 day workout!

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