Sunday, January 13, 2013

Workout Buddy X: Day 7

Today I am on day 7 of my 30 day Workout Buddy X program. Now, I will not lie and tell you I followed this strictly because I am human and I have flawed moments, however, I try my best to do as much of the program as possible. Today was supposed to be the rest day for me but yesterday I didn't have time to get my workout in so I switched my rest day with my 'Yoga-Ville' day. I must say, I am not as flexible as I use to be and this was a struggle but I try my best and I hope to gain some flexibility out of this. Since my last post about WBX, I've done 'UFFC' 'Core Strength 2' and 'Total Body Evolution' workouts, each to me harder than the last. I bust out a good sweat doing these and I got 23 more days to kick it into high gear. Already I feel my body getting stronger. I was going to tell you all how much I weigh today since it is a week after starting but my results probably aren't that good since I went to IHOP for all you can eat pancakes one day this week (never do that when you're trying to lose weight). So tomorrow is another cycle of workouts wish me luck, the program is excellent it is just up to me to put an effort into it.

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