Sunday, February 3, 2013

10 Artists I Want Back Now!

I think every music fan probably has that artist or group they just wish would make another album so badly because its been years since they stopped making new music or broken up. Well I have 10, of course I can probably name more but these were just a few off the top of my head. By the way you can probably tell my general age based on some of these choices I have! In no particular order:

1) Destiny's Child (The Original Lineup): First I want to just say when I found out they would be coming back together I was happy but highly ticked off when I found out it was only a compilation album and one new song. Also on an off topic side note, I feel Beyonce always got the most parts and Kelly second and Michelle third however I always felt Kelly had a better voice on some songs than Beyonce and should've gotten more leads and Michelle to me always had the best part in any song she was in (ex 'If' and 'Stand Up for Love'). Anyway coming off that digression I just want a new album or I'd even settle for one song from the original Destiny's Child lineup of LaTavia, LeToya, Kelly and Beyonce. Even better yet putting their differences aside and having every past member come together for one song!! However though, I know it is a lofty ambition but I can dream can't I?

2) N'SYNC: This one is a bigger lofty ambition than my Destiny's Child dream. This is one of those situations where I know they're too old to be making new music as a boy group but I don't even care. Its about reliving my childhood, plain and simple. Extra props if Justin rocks out his old curly fro again. Just one song and music video guys and I'll be happy for the rest of my life, even if its bad I'll be happy and be sure to coordinate your clothes while doing some effin awesome dance moves.

3) Lauryn Hill: I will not accept anything other than a full album. Not just a song or two, I want a full album. Her one and only studio album was in 1998 and her last release of new music was in 2002 when she did 'MTV Unplugged No. 2.0'. I need deep and real lyrics in my life. My top three favorite songs are Ex-Factor, I Gotta Find Peace of Mind and her most famous song; Doo Wop (That Thing). While shes at it she can go back to the Fugees for a little bit too and satisfy two of my dreams all at once!

4) Shania Twain: She was the Taylor Swift of the 90s in terms of being a country crossover hit female artist (definitely not as annoying with any breakup songs). Her album Come On Over is the best selling country album and album by a female act of all time. I love a butt load of her songs, my iPod could vouch for that. Yeah she had that one promo single not too long ago but I want her to just do a full blown release of new material. I want to feel the guilty pleasure of being a man singing 'Man! I Feel Like A Woman!'

5) Janet Jackson: Ever since she released Discipline she has pretty much only done songs as promotion for something like a movie or a compilation album. I miss watching a music video with some good old fashioned intricate choreography. Plus Janet is like the queen of R&B slow jam sex songs. 'The Velvet Rope' is just dirrrrrty but I love it. With her brother gone, someone in the Jackson family has to continue the music royalty and it isn't going to be Joe Jackson.

6) Missy Elliot: When it came to Missy's music and videos she was always in her own world which is what I loved about her. She did things that were a little weird but genius. I hate comparing music artists but I really want her back making music so hopefully Nicki Minaj can learn a thing or two about the rap world (if she even considers herself a rapper still) and if not maybe Nicki will just go away in the process fully. The video for 'Work It' is like one of my all time favorite music videos and the song is one of my favorites as well!

7) Stevie Wonder: He is a living legend lets just put that out there. He can make an R&B song like no other and people of all ages and cultures still love him despite him not releasing a new song since 'From the Bottom of My Heart' in 2005 (which might I add is an amazing song). I just have a fear he'll be one of those great artists who will work on making new music for a long time but by the time they're ready to release it they'll die or something. I want to get the most music out of Stevie Wonder as I can while he is still alive.

8) Samantha Mumba: Probably not everyone remembers Samantha Mumba but if you listen to the song 'Gotta Tell You' you might remember her better. She was somewhat a one hit wonder teen star in the early 00s. I just liked her music and she wasn't overly exposed so I never felt like she was overbearing to listen to. Plus her music video for Baby Come on Over is just an excellent example for typical bad, late 90s/early 00s special effects and dance breaks that I love so much. She said in 2011 she was retired from music and would do just acting but I still want her to to come back for one more album.

9) Mariah Carey (Her Old Sound): Now obviously Mariah has had new releases in recent years but for me personally I want her 90s sound. If you listen to her stuff from the 90s compared to her more recent music they obviously sound different. I know I'm living in the past with this one and its not normal for an artist to want to stick with the exact same sound their entire career and she probably wants to explore different sounds but I still want the old her. My all time favorite album is 'Daydream', if she released a new album that sounded like that or like 'Butterfly', I would be one very happy happy HAPPY camper. This is just a matter of personal opinion, some people probably prefer her newer song but I prefer her old sound.

10) S Club 7: Now if you're from Europe you may remember them more. They were one of my favorite teen pop groups because I used to watch their TV show all the time. To me they're one of those groups where you look back at the old times and think "I am totally ashamed I used to love them, however I still can't get enough of them". Out of the groups on this list, this is one where I know for a 100% fact they all probably will never get back together. Right now I think they have three of the members still singing but if its not 7 I don't care to listen.

Do you have any artist or group you want to come back or reunite? Comment and let me know.

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  1. I would like another Destiny's Child reunion with *all* of the girls. And I also wondered whatever happened to Mandy Moore?