Friday, February 1, 2013

WorkoutBuddyX Final Results:30 Days

So I'm coming down to my final couple days of doing the WorkoutBuddyX program. I had my doubts in the beginning because it wasn't a big name brand like P90x or Insanity or Zumba or anything. However I was highly impressed with the workouts. They have difficulties for all body types, so if you're in decent shape you would try level 2 or 3. If you're just starting off you can do the level 1 workouts. One thing I was bummed about was not reaching my goal. I ended up having a bunch of things happen in my life that stopped my results from being what I wanted them to be. I will say this though, I ate some terrible and unhealthy things during this program but I still did the program and while I didn't lose the weight I wanted I can honestly say I never gained weight. So I will attest to the idea that this program is good with getting the metabolism going and keeping me from gaining weight which was good.

So in the end of this all I lost a whopping 3 pounds. The only person I can blame for not getting the results I wanted was myself. So I started at 185 and I'm now at 182 pounds. Not the biggest success but I still made some progress so I'm happy overall. If you want to try the program visit the WorkoutBuddyX website you can try their elite fitness program, free for 7 days.

I highly recommend this program for anyone who just wants to get fit and lean and not ripped and muscular. Easy to follow moves that give you a good sweat by the end. Its a home workout so no pressures from the gym or feeling self conscious about working out in front of people. You don't have to worry about finding expensive weights to use, just take a couple of jugs and fill them with water and you can do it. So go out and set your goals and try this program out. If someone like me can do it with all the chaos and bad eating habits I have, you can too and probably do even better than me.

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